The right approach to the design of a cottage or country house

In any house, as in a mirror, you can see the reflection of the owner’s identity. They are issued by elements of decor and the design of the house. Style, color scheme, distribution of functional areas - everything absorbs the people’s character. If you want a country house, cottage to reflect your personality as accurately as possible, entrust the design to professionals. And we will share the main details of the process.

Choose a style

The look of the facade is determined at the design stage, the design of the interior of the house can be chosen during construction, change it from time to time. If we talk about cottages and country houses, they often choose the following areas of design:

  • Mediterranean style. Good for homes where you plan to spend only the summer months. All elements of textiles seem to have burned out a little from the scorching sun, the furniture is simple but cozy, can be light or made of darker materials;
  • Family Mediterranean Provence. They are similar, but the Provencal style has a lot of decorative touches, although it also reflects the summer mood;
  • Scandinavian. This style is distinguished by elegant restraint and high utilitarianism. Here every detail has meaning and practical significance. It’s big plus is not only in the all-season. This design of the country house is suitable for any area;
  • Eco-style - one of the most popular in recent times. Its difference is the maximum use of natural textures, elements, reflection of "eco-friendly" ideas;
  • Modern style. It is one of the most universal solutions. Practical, not extravagant, can be implemented in any color.

There are a lot of other styles - boho, eclectic, oriental. All of them are suitable for decorating the house, but here a lot depends on the personal tastes and worldview of the owners.

Don't sacrifice functionality

Any house needs to be taken care of, kept clean. Choosing a design, immediately pay attention to how many times you are willing to spend on such a step. For example, some refuse wooden panels; they are more suitable for finishing houses with cladding: you can choose any design, even for valuable species of wood, and much easier to care for. There are many such trade-offs in design. Also consider the functionality.

Excess details and decor is one of the most common mistakes. They not only overload the interior, but also interfere with the efficient use of space. The house should not turn into a museum. You should not only be comfortable sitting here, but also perform daily tasks.

To avoid mistakes and not be disappointed in the result, entrust the design of the interior of the house to professionals. Our team "OIA Architects" is ready to implement any of your ideas so that it was beautiful, practical, high quality. In our portfolio there are examples of ready-made designs that will help inspire the design of your home.