Kitchen-living room: spectacular, open, cozy

We like the trend of free space: it is a space for ideas and implementation of concepts "with zest". The most striking example is the kitchen-living room in a country house (see the design in the photo gallery). This combination not only allows you to use the area effectively, but also looks atmospheric.

It can be implemented in absolutely any style solution - it all depends on the wishes, preferences and habits of the customer. Classics, baroque, eclecticism - now there are no restrictions on the area to which these styles are sensitive. How will look like a kitchen-living room, design, interior in a country house, even the color scheme, only you determine, and we just bring it to perfection. We have our own techniques:

  • Designers get acquainted with the client, his tastes, ideas and even outlook on life;
  • Everything we learn about it is reflected in the decoration of walls, furniture, textiles and even decorative elements. The house becomes part of its owner, its logical continuation and reflection.

We do not draw pictures, we create an interior copy of the character of the owner. The space generated by us should look like a signature: unique, its owner should be immediately recognizable.

We remember that for every kitchen-living room interior design, especially in a house outside the city, should radiate comfort, warmth and tranquility. In such a house you need to feel not like on a glossy page, but like in the warmest and most native place on the planet - at home.