The kitchen is the heart of a country house

Here are born the most delicious smells in the world, here from ordinary products the hostess prepares love, care, comfort ... In this place you want to have heart-to-heart conversations, enjoy dinner or tea. But it is important that the environment itself encourages this. With special warmth in our hearts, we create a kitchen design for you in a country house. We understand that in every detail there must be hidden comfort and a particle of the soul of hospitable hosts.

Individual decisions

We create the design of the kitchen, living room in a country house as the artist writes a portrait:

  • We try to see you, understand your character, life position. All this we will then transfer to space;
  • Learn about your lifestyle, wishes - it should be a comfortable place for you personally and your family;
  • We create a harmonious space that combines functionality, comfort, sustained style and individuality.

Want to see what the kitchen will look like in a country house - design and photos will be provided to you at the design stage. The tools and professionalism of our designers allow us to visualize the project as accurately as possible.

We value in clients desire for comfort, self-expression in all spheres of the life. It inspires us to create new, unique concepts, professional growth, learn new trends and even experiment.

Practicality and safety

In an effort to create the perfect picture, we do not forget about comfort. Any interior design of a country house, kitchen in particular, we think through from the standpoint of practicality. Cooking is just a creative and technological process, where everything should be in its place, but at hand, do not clutter the interior, but be ready to use.

Want to see how we do it? Order interior design in the studio of architecture and design of Iryna Oya, and your dream kitchen will become a reality!