Interior design of the hall and visualization of facades of EUPHORIA Business Center

The distant horizon, the endless sky, the rapid flow of the river Dnipro - all this motivates, inspires, charges with energy. The nature power is one of the best plot designs, even when it comes to a business center. Do you want to see what a combination of progress and the elements, modern technology and a caring attitude to nature? Welcome to the Euphoria Business Center, designed by the “OIA Architects” team.

We performed a visualization of the facade for it according to the already created project and developed an interior design. It was a very interesting project in its concept, spirit, style. The location of the business center influenced the development of the facade. It is located on the Dnipro embankment and offers a beautiful view of the river. This largely determined the appearance of the business center: the facade will be finished with blue glass panels, which very effectively reflect the water, sky, waterfront, forming a harmonious combination with the building and its geometry. The walls are made in sand and terracotta tones, which perfectly complement the blue - a classic combination, that is important for the business center. The warm addition gives the facade a spirit of naturalness, a certain amount of comfort. Creating a three-dimensional model, we conveyed the maximum of this wonderful combination of natural beauty and modern design ideas.

The main part of our team's work is interior design of the lobby. It is clear that its concept had to be combined with the facade, so it can be characterized by the following parameters:

  • Relevance;
  • Naturalness;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Integrity;
  • Completeness.

Opposite the entrance behind the reception desk is a panel of natural stone, which became the accent in the overall composition. It has a pronounced texture, an interesting inconspicuous pattern and looks very expressive, but not provocative. It accurately sets the mood that prevails in the business center: determination, firmness, confidence.

The reception desk is made of a rather unusual material - recycled ocean plastic. Why did we choose this option?

  • Each product can slow down and even reduce ocean pollution by plastic waste;
  • The material has a unique pattern;
  • Its production does not increase the amount of plastic on the planet.

It would seem a trifle, but it is part of a very useful, important trend that can change the society life.

Now look at the floor, you will see an unusual solution. Terrazzo tiles have become a discovery of recent years in the field of design. Their practical value is not only in the ability to use natural materials, but also high abrasion resistance. In this way, the floor in the business center will retain its presentable appearance without renewal for a very long time. This is complemented by an interesting, unstamped pattern, which is effectively separated by bronze-trimmed seams. Bronze finish finds its continuation in the cladding of the columns, that creates an inseparable, coherent image of the room.

The walls are decorated with natural veneer that gives the lobby intimacy, comfort. At the same time it was decided to keep the ceiling - the natural pattern of concrete slabs very effectively shades the warm bottom, balances. Light installation looks very organic and mesmerizing in such an ensemble, which indicates the direction of movement to the elevators, stairs, waiting areas. Warm light is well combined with natural wall decoration and bronze, connects the whole composition of the lobby in one complete thought.

All other components are organically inscribed in the interior design. Each element complements the concept of the room: the furniture is endowed with streamlined silhouettes, which repeats the bionic shape of the waves and that is intertwined with the idea dictated by the landscape in front of the business center.

Before you go to your office or conference room, your eyes will definitely focus on interesting sculptures. In each waiting area there is a silhouette of a man and a woman carrying glowing spheres. This is not only an additional point of light, but also a symbol of the effort that we sometimes have to make in our projects. But no matter how difficult and hot our burden, it is important to remember that we carry light - progress, new ideas and revolutionary solutions.

For us, this project is much more than a comfortable and stylish business center. Through design, architecture, we were able to send message to society. We believe and show in our projects that modern technology can be nature-friendly, that our comfort does not necessarily require sacrifices from the outside world. On the contrary, we have proved that it is possible to create an environment that is comfortable for everyone: nature, man, business. We have demonstrated how you can integrate the interior and exterior of a building into the landscape using its natural artistic potential. Our project has become proof that harmony with the surrounding nature is not a return to the Stone Age, but a new round in the development of society, technology and the way of thinking.