Country house design: the perfect space to live near the metropolis

A country house, big or small - it doesn't matter - is a special place. Here time flows differently, problems lose their sharpness, the hustle and bustle evaporates, and only peace and quiet remains. It is an ideal place of strength for those who get tired of megacities noise and their endless pursuit of the wind. Do you want to have your harbor away from the hustle and bustle? We are ready to create a country house design that can be a continuation of you.

How do we work?

Irina Oya's studio of architecture and design is not just a team of artists and engineers. We are a big creative family, which is ready to change the world for the better every day, to create it in 20, 30, 50 years now. For us, the modern design of a country house is not just a beautiful picture of the catalog, but a part of the future that we have made real for you.

We are defined by the principles and values to which we remain faithful:

  • Willingness to experiment. All architectural monuments were built contrary to the canons of their time. We want the same, and we do it beautiful;
  • We follow rules and regulations. The design project of a country house is not only comfort and aesthetics, but also safety, reliability, durability, and we take it into account;
  • Attention to the client. Any solution is an idea of the customer, which we simply helped to bring to the ideal.

But it is important not only to impress passers-by or guests with the facade. The main task is to create the perfect space for living, your personal design of a country house inside.

In what styles can you decorate your home?

Recently, the most popular styles are appropriate to call the classics (but it is often chosen for individual rooms - offices, living rooms, bedrooms), country, Provence, Mediterranean style, eclecticism, loft, minimalism, eco-style, modern. Each has its own characteristics and opens to the designer a sea of opportunities to create a portrait of the owner and his family.

So that you can better understand how your characters are displayed with the help of finishing materials, decor, textiles, furniture, just look at the photo with the design of a country house in different styles and options from the studio. Each project is unique in nature, like the fingerprints of its inhabitants.

We start from the identity of the customer, family members. Designing rooms in a country house, we try to continue the personality in the decor, trifles and colors. It should be like a signature - it is easy to know the owner.

Want to create your own unique space? We will develop it taking into account your wishes and needs. Want to see the design of a country house inside in the photo before the start of work? We can easily model a full-fledged 3-D space, which will allow you to understand what it will look like, make changes and make it better, closer to you and your character. Continue yourself in the world around you, change it and make space a part of your personality!