Design of a small kitchen in panel houses: comfort can be made anywhere

Buildings of this type have a disadvantage - it is impossible to make redevelopment. But it does not mean that you will not do anything beautiful here. The experience of the studio "OIA Architects" shows: kitchens in panel houses can be beautiful, as evidenced by the photo design.

Proper planning

Limited space is a difficulty in the distribution of functions. Therefore, it is important not to lose sight of functionality. For example, the design of a 6 m2 kitchen in a panel house can be combined with the principles of smart apartments. They involve the rational use of all surfaces, maximum integration, the use of mobile structures and furniture-transformers and the removal of some appliances outside the kitchen.

If possible, it is worth taking out the dining area, although for old-fashioned houses it is almost impossible. Then it will be effective and practical to use a window sill: to extend it to a rack or a table-top. During cooking, it can act as a work area, and then - as a dining table for routine meals. But the company is better to rest in the living room.

Definitely not suitable options

If you look through the catalogs with options for kitchen design, you can see several geometric solutions for furniture. The only option that is definitely not suitable is an island. It provides for the installation of a table in the center of the room and additional surfaces around the perimeter. In terms of convenience, it is considered one of the best.

It is also not necessary to design a kitchen in a panel house in dark colors. Standard layouts involve small windows, sometimes a balcony or loggia outside. As a result, even the brightest light will not overshadow the gloomy mood, if you take the saturated shades of brown, black, or complex dark colors.

Perfect kitchen: the main qualities

First of all, it should be well lit. If it is not possible to use natural light (and in panel houses it is almost nowhere), you can correctly place the points of artificial light. It is better to take warm, but not too yellow lamps to create a cozy atmosphere. Even if the colors are cold and you choose white lighting, it should still shift slightly towards yellow.

The second point is color. Light warm shades are considered traditional: beige, light wood, milk, honey, pistachio. But this is not a dogma, and we can choose a cool solution or even play on the contrast. This looks good if you plan to order a 9 m2 kitchen design in a panel house or for a more spacious one. In small rooms, contrasting color can be used only for accent points, but not as an additional.

But the main thing to remember - you should like your kitchen. If you feel comfortable in it, nothing interferes, you can cook and enjoy cooked food in it with pleasure, and you can also violate some canons. We always support bold ideas in design, because they give birth to new trends and bright solutions!