Cottage design: the art of comfortable living

Living in your own cottage is always solitude, silence, peace and comfort. Avoiding city bustle, noise, frantic pace, it is important to maintain both comfort and functionality. And it is important not to lose individuality. We do not just create the design of cottages, we generate a space that is a reflection of those who live in it.

How do we work?

It all starts with an idea - your idea, dream, desires. You come to us with that and it starts:

  • We carefully study where your dream home will be. Soil and relief largely determine the future project, but we will design the cottage according to your recommendations and wishes. By the way, we know how important it is to take into account the orientation around the world. You will feel it while admiring the sunset from the living room at the end of a hard day;
  • We are developing a project. In a friendly team of talented designers, architects and experienced engineers, a design project of a cottage is born. This is not just a picture; you get a full three-dimensional model, detailed design documentation, estimates and even a construction plan with real deadlines. Designing, specialists take into account all the intricacies of engineering, modern design trends and your wishes. Already at the project stage, your idea is brought to perfection and projected into reality.

We are not afraid to experiment, creating a cottage design from the outside, we are ready to challenge the world and offer something new, bright, and revolutionary. We are ready to dictate the world how it should look like. Are you with us?

Interior - continuation of the facade

When we talk about a full-fledged concept, we are talking about unity, integrity of image, thought, which continues and develops. So we plan any interior design of the cottage. It's not just work in an editor and making lists.

  • It is a space for living. Its purpose is to make rest and life as comfortable as possible. Ergonomics, ecology, functionality - we operate with these concepts for your convenience;
  • It is a continuation of the character. The design of the cottage inside is a reflection of your inner world: the system of values, beliefs, preferences. You are a Person, and we will emphasize this with your interior.

For us, the creation of new spaces is creativity multiplied by skill, imagination, savvy experience and knowledge. Want to make sure? You can see the cottage designs in the photo from our designers and architects.

Do you want to live like that? Just tell us about it and we will build your dream together.