Provence style: provincial romance comes from France

Living in your own home is a special level of comfort, coziness and privacy. This is a completely different atmosphere, a feeling of solitude and peace. These values are largely expressed through interior design. One of the most popular today is the design of the house in the style of Provence: photos of such solutions can be found on every portal dedicated to architecture and design. The simplicity of “French country” does not look naive or primitive. The composition conquers with tenderness, fullness, romance of life in the picturesque expanses of France. But this is possible only with proper design.

Provence: history and style features

The basis of the style was laid in the distant XVII century, when the middle class with good wealth began to strive for simplicity of country life, but with a touch of chic and luxury. Despite the influence of the Baroque, the houses turned out simple, but they felt elegant, clear tone.

This was quickly caught by the bohemian youth, who spread this trend throughout the civilized world. Very soon the cozy rural charm began to fill the citizens’ apartments. But still the most organic combination is a wooden house and Provence design.

It should also not be confused with country style, although they both belong to ethno styles. Country is characterized by more internal rigidity, dark tones are more common, less or no floral motifs. In contrast, the country is full of tenderness, a large number of floral elements in prints and design, often white and light pastel tones.

But the simplicity of Provence is insidious. Because it involves a wide use of textures, textiles, decor, inexperienced designers can cross the line and oversaturate the room with elements. The result is not a stylish interior, but a light artistic noise based on the Provencal region. Let's share the key points that will create a harmonious design of Provence in a wooden house and even in an ordinary apartment.

Design of surfaces

Surprisingly, the use of a large number of floral prints is uncharacteristic of the Provencal trend for walls. Preference should be given to solid paint on plaster, light wallpaper with a fuzzy texture. You can experiment with textured plaster options, but it should look very unobtrusive and easy. In addition, against this background will have a good looking decor.

As for the color scheme in general, in addition to light shades, it is used a palette of Provencal meadows. These are blue, purple (there is no Provence without lavender), green shades. They must be soft, as if slightly burnt.

The ideal solution for the floor is stone, as well as ceramic tiles with floral ornaments. You can use natural wood. In the case of a very limited budget, laminate is possible, although it will go beyond the canons.

The design of a wooden house in the style of Provence cannot be imagined without ceiling beams as in the photo. Therefore, they are never hidden, but integrated into the composition. If at first the surface is equal, it is possible to grow up decorative beams. However, you need to take into account the ceiling height - such an element of decor visually reduces the height of the room. We complement it with large windows, lots of light and the perfect base is ready. By the way, shutters are also typical for Provence, they will allow you to hide from the bright midday sun.

Furniture and decor

A house in the Provence style, its design inside - it's not just the surface. Furniture is an important and sometimes the main element of the composition. Representatives of different times feel good in the Provencal interior. You can use vintage furniture or order new ones and artificially age them.

Provence is easily recognizable by the “active” introduction into the interior of cabinets, chests of drawers, bedside tables and sideboards. They are made in light colors, natural wood, with the effect of aging, which can also be created artificially.

Without textiles it is impossible to create a house design in the Provence style. Each element complements the picture with light floral prints and shades of alkali. Despite the fact that fabrics are widely used in the interior, windows are exceptions. It is recommended to use only light curtains that will not prevent sunlight from entering the room.

Provence is not just a popular style for country cottages and apartments. It is the philosophy of life - calm, measured, harmonious. Only a professional designer will be able to fully unleash its potential. Our architecture and design studio “OIA Architects” knows how to turn any home into a place where you will feel truly at home!