Bathroom and toilet in a panel house: is there space for design?

How to make a tiny room a functional and beautiful bathroom? Is it possible to create an interesting bathroom design in a panel house at all? Professional designers do not ask such questions. They simply transform the space so that you forget that it was a tiny room with a low ceiling.

Simple design rules

One of the main tools of a designer to expand the space is color and light. The smaller the volume of the bathroom, the lighter the tones should be. But this does not mean the transition to sterile white - you can always find a place for spectacular details.

Add a few contrasting lines or make a path of ornament over the bathroom, put bright accessories - now even the most modest bathroom will not only begin to seem more spacious, but also find its own style, character.

And now let's remember the principles of optimization:

  • Curbstones and lockers are hidden under the sink and bathtub;
  • No closed hinged boxes. If you really need a shelf - make it open;
  • Do not overdo it with the decor - after all, this is not a living room.

Of course, in a small article it is impossible to talk about all the intricacies. It is best to entrust this to the designers’ creative team of the architecture and design studio  "OIA Architects". You will get a stylish solution, an original design of the bathroom in a panel house, as well as a wonderful experience of cooperation, which leaves behind only positive emotions.