Arrangement of a private house: think through the little things

Preparing a house for living, even seasonal, is more difficult than an apartment. But it is more interesting, because you have the interior and the surrounding area. The front of the work is quite large, so why not entrust it to professionals - our studio "OIA Architects" will easily implement any idea.

What is the arrangement of a private house?

The whole process is divided into two important areas:

  • Work with the interior. Here it is important to create an environment pleasing to the eye and fill it with comfort, make it comfortable;
  • Arrangement of the house plot. This is not only the most interesting, but also a difficult part. Here it is very difficult to maintain a sense of proportion, to stay within one idea, to preserve the integrity of the whole space.

Yes, it is the only concept that will distinguish quality design.

What is the work algorithm?

We have an algorithm that allows you to think through everything and not miss anything. If you imagine this in the form of steps, the order of works will look like this:

  • We will try to get to know you as a person. Not out of curiosity, but out of a desire to adopt the vision of the world, the point of view of the customer, and combine it with the talent and professionalism of designers;
  • Development of the concept: even if there is a mixture of different styles (eclectic), we will still create a single ensemble, a symphony of design, which will smoothly move from one part to another;
  • Fill the concept with functionality. We love beauty, appreciate practicality, and know how to combine it;
  • We will fill the concept with functionality, add touches, fill the house and the area with your character.

As a result, it will not duplicate you, but will complement, emphasize the qualities, continue your personality in space.

Before starting the project, you will be able to assess the future arrangement of a private house in the photo. Thanks to modern software, we will definitely show the finished project, make the necessary adjustments and coordinate everything down to the smallest detail, because in the design of Irina Oya's studio there are simply no small things.

We will make your home truly cozy

Arranging your house, you solve a very difficult task. It is necessary to combine coziness, comfort and personal preferences in one space. OIA Architects have been generating such space for more than a year. Do you want to get an interesting design of a private house that will be cozy, stylish, comfortable and with your character at the same time? Then it's time to start working on the project.

How to choose style?

You should not rely on fashion in everything - your taste, preferences, and requirements to the level of life matter. The main trend of recent years is individuality, and it can be expressed in any of the design styles:

  • Country;
  • Provence;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Arabic;
  • Minimalism;
  • High tech;
  • English;
  • Scandinavian.

They can be combined, intertwined - the talent of "OIA Architects" will be enough for such a task. When the idea matures, you can start drafting.

We create the perfect private house: design, photo

The process of creating an atmosphere is interesting, but requires a consistent approach. This is the only way to get the only space in which it will be nice to be. The whole process of working on the project consists of stages:

  • Survey of premises and site, if landscaping is planned;
  • Communication with the client and concept development. It is impossible to create a harmonious design of a private house inside without understanding the course of the customer's thoughts, his worldview, ideas, values;
  • Development of planning options. We will offer several different solutions to choose the best for the customer;
  • Creating a working project. Here everything will be calculated: from the location of the sockets to the shade of the portrait frame above the fireplace.

In addition to basic documents, we offer quality modeling and visualization of projects. As a result, you get an accurate idea of what the design of the rooms in a private home will look like.

Your living space has a huge impact on mood, productivity and well-being. The team of «OIA Architects» is specialists who create a space with a tangible character, the design of which you want to stay as long as possible.