Terrace design on the roof of the house

Previously, the terrace was not considered as a particularly practical part of living space. The year 2020 changed the attitude to such objects - for apartment dwellers, the roof space became a safe alternative to hiking in crowded parks and an opportunity to spend enough time outdoors in a severe lockdown.

Unlike a regular balcony, the terrace can be a place for barbecue, it allows you to grow your own greens, fruits and vegetables, replace sitting at the bar and even allow you to install a pool. All that remains is to plan and arrange it properly.

Our studio had a task to turn a terrace of 60 square meters on the roof of an apartment building in Kiev into such a multifunctional space. It is clear that we had to make it practical and beautiful.

The area of the terrace is larger than many one-bedroom apartments, which means there is space to solve the problem.

Designing the terrace, we divided it into functional zones:

  • Dining area (which will be used in the warm season);
  • A place to grow flowers and greenery;
  • Play area and space for children's pool;
  • Place for BBQ;
  • The highlight of the space was the bar at the end of the terrace. We planned its location in such a way that owners can enjoy favorite drink and a magnificent panorama of Kiev on the background of the sunset.

To preserve privacy and hide from neighbors, whose terrace is very close, a partition was installed. A feature of the space, which we could not influence, was the ventilation shaft exit. We decided to use it as a zoning element. This column allowed us to distinguish the dining and playing zones, while children still remain under parental supervision. Part of the territory is covered to continue spending time in the fresh air in bad weather.

We have achieved our goal: we have created a stylish multifunctional space that reflects the tastes of their owners and allows maintaining the desired level of comfort in any situation around, including periods of strict quarantine restrictions.

Sometimes circumstances may dictate new conditions. But it is up to us how to react. Our studio considers any challenge, difficulty and limitation as an opportunity to show our level, talent, strength of inspiration. We are proud to be able to transform space meeting the new demands of time. It is important for us to provide each client with a comfortable space filled with style, character and the right atmosphere.