Kitchen design in a private house: create the most cozy corner

This is the most cozy, warm part of the house: it's so nice to gather with loved ones, talk about anything, share impressions of the past day. Designing a kitchen in a private home is a complex but exciting process. The team of "OIA Architects" knows how to make the only integral space in which the character of the owner of the house lives; to give birth to another place that meets his needs, character, hobbies and even life position.

Important technological points

Developing, you need to consider several factors:

  • Benefits of use;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Compliance with the overall concept of the whole house;
  • Personal preferences of the owners.

The work order will also be clearly planned:

  • Development of planning: where will be the table, stove, sink, sofa, if it is the design of the kitchen dining room in a private home, and other important objects;
  • Choice of colors. Monochrome solutions with accents, pastel palette, natural shades and textures are now relevant for the kitchen. But in the studio "OIA Architects" designers are not afraid of bold decisions and are ready to experiment;
  • Highlight style. If in apartments more often stop on minimalism or a variant of "high-tech", in houses and cottages there is more space for realization of ideas;
  • Development of several options. Even within the same style and color scheme can be a great choice. We will offer you only the best solutions, and you will choose the perfect one;
  • Final approval and preparation of the working project.

It remains now to transfer everything from paper to the room.

Kitchen-living room design in a private house: photos, features, pros

This is a plus of spacious cottages. Thanks to the larger area, it will now be easy for you to organize a real kitchen-living room - a current trend today. When viewing the gallery, it becomes obvious that the following options are better:

  • Expansion of space, freedom of movement - walls and openings no longer take them away from you;
  • It becomes easier to set the table and receive guests;
  • Even while cooking, you can continue to communicate with family, watch and discuss shows, supervise the child;
  • Aesthetics of free space.

If you decide to make the place of cooking isolated, there are also a lot of interesting solutions.

Small kitchen in a private house: design, photos of interesting ideas

Thanks to window sills, built-in appliances, smart space, the area is not so significant. Even a small room will look cozy and cute. For example, we can offer you the design of the kitchen in a private house with a window in the style of Country or Provence, as well as the Mediterranean. It will be a cozy place where it smells delicious coffee and croissant in the morning and cookies in winter.

We do not just create interiors; we generate your new lifestyle in an updated space.