Facade design: design mistakes and how to avoid them

The appearance of your cottage is, in a way, your business card, a reflection of taste, wealth. A well-thought-out design of the house from the outside is an opportunity to tell about yourself to others, to acquaint them with your status and even life position. Trying to make it perfect, you can overdo it and achieve the opposite effect. What mistakes are made in the design of the "face" of a country house? What do designers recommend? You will find the answers in the article.

Typical mistakes

Experts have identified the most common mistakes of beginners in trying to create a harmonious design of the facade:

  • Excess decor, especially when using stucco;
  • The desire to copy the design of the house from the outside of the photo without taking into account the differences in size and proportions of the sample and real building;
  • Inconsistency of the chosen style of the building and an exterior even within the limits of the site;
  • Mutual inconsistency of elements in detail, size, proportions, materials;
  • Violation of the canons of the chosen style.

The homeowner can come up with interesting solutions already in the process of registration. But it is impossible without prior design and modeling to accurately predict the outcome of the implementation of such ideas.

A few rules for creating beautiful facades

To be proud of your home, not to explain and not to justify your design decisions, it is enough to follow certain principles and rules:

  • Consider the exterior, including adjacent areas. This will harmoniously fit the new house into the landscape of the village; it will look harmonious and cozy, appropriate;
  • Clearly define and adhere to the color scheme. Ideally, it should be two colors from one color scheme, preferably natural shades;
  • Consider the role of windows. Large window openings not only let in more light, but also look better. It is important to match their shape and proportions with the style of the facade;
  • Watch for symmetry and harmony. This item requires composition skills and ideas about the harmony of space;
  • If possible, design the facade together with a competent designer - this is an effective way to get the result that meets expectations.

It is best to plan everything at once: the project of the house, registration of a facade and a site. To be sure of the result, contact the studio "OIA Architects". We perform all types of work related to the design of the future dream space: the design of houses inside and out, the design of buildings, planning renovations. Our rich experience and your desire to make your life more comfortable will bear good fruit.