The house where the holiday lives

Imagine a seaside landscape, sunlit almost to white streets and facades, vast blue skies. As far as the eye can see, there are vineyards and lavender fields. This is Provence, a region of France that gave its name to one of the coziest styles in interior design. It is simple and provincial, but at the same time has an amazing elegance and charm. I'm sure you also want to order a country house design in the style of Provence - in this place you feel on vacation.

What are the features of the French country?

All its characteristics were formed under the influence of the provincial culture of southern France, as well as the peculiarities of its climate:

  • Warm pastel colors. Due to the huge amount of sunlight, textiles always lose pigment too quickly, so the designers decided to make pale shades part of the style (by the way, a very beautiful, branded part);
  • Plaster on the walls, which gives a feeling of warmth in winter and coolness in summer;
  • Natural materials with a natural texture that was typical of provincial areas;
  • Aged furniture with abrasions, patina, wood carvings. This solution allows you to create a "country" atmosphere, where everything is so simple. But thanks to carvings, patina, other elements, such arrangement does not look primitive, too provincial;
  • A large number of flower arrangements of live and dried plants. For this feature, the design of a country house in Provence is so popular with girls and romantic and dreamy people;
  • Ceramic and porcelain figurines;
  • Ceiling wooden beams. They well emphasize the rural character of the room, give a special atmosphere of the house;
  • Wrought iron decor elements, ruffles, lace, floral motifs - all combined into a beautiful bouquet, which is typical of the French culture of the region.

But it is in the abundance of opportunities lies the insidiousness of this style - so easy to lose measure. This can lead to the fact that the house will look grotesque, overloaded and sometimes vulgar. Only experienced and talented designers will be able to create a balanced ensemble, such as in our studio of architecture and design Irina Oya. We are sure that your house in the Provencal style looks elegant. You will be able to enjoy this incredible atmosphere every day, without leaving the country that can be found only on the French Riviera.